Life is better connected.

Looking for Community?

Northeast is a church of groups.

We want to see everyone find a group connection so they can belong, and become who God designed them to be.

Which Group is right for me?


A Rooted Group is the first-step into Group life at Northeast. Rooted Groups begin in SEP and JAN each year. These groups are an 11-week experience, where you connect with God, the church, and your purpose. For complete detials or to register, please click here 


Celebrate Recovery Open Share Groups meet every Monday night at 6:30pm. If you have hurts around growing up or family of origin, hang-ups in your thinking about who you are and how God sees you, or habits which you want to get rid of, then this is a safe place for you to connect to a group of like-minded people.

These groups are always open and require no previous sign up. We have recovery for the Whole family: Kids, Teens, and Adults.


Care Groups are designed to help people through a difficult season of life. We offer Grief Share, Special Needs Suppot Group and others. If you or somone you love is struggling then these groups are the perfect opportunity for God to bring healing your lives.


A Core Group is made up of three to four same gender people seeking to be in a discipling relationship where Bible, prayer, and accountabilty are key to growth. If you want to take your transformation into Christ-likeness to a deeper level, then a core group is a great way to do this.

Join us and get connected!

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Our Groups exist to foster spiritual growth.

We do that through a foundation of three pillars. Every Group will prioritize…

  • Community of God – A small and intentional community is an encouragement in the good times, and a support system in the hard times.
  • Word of God – Both a Personal and Communal study of God’s Word helps us to know God and become more like Jesus.
  • Spirit of God – The Holy Spirit is God’s presence in our lives. We strive for lives of listening to and obeying the Spirit’s guidance.

It is on the basis of these three pillars that we seek to form genuine and uplifting relationships. Our Groups are committed to creating an environment where everyone is accepted, known and cared for, as we pursue a right relationship with God and our place in His story.

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