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What is a Group?

A Host and Leader led group of 3-12 people meeting virtually or in person on a weekly basis. Each week groups will discuss the Bible, pray together, and encourage one another. Groups are expected to be open and welcoming until they are full, in order to ensure all our people are cared for spiritually and practically.


Our Life Groups exist to foster spiritual growth.

We do that through a foundation of three pillars. Every Group will prioritize…

  • Community of God – A small and intentional community is an encouragement in the good times, and a support system in the hard times.
  • Word of God – Both a Personal and Communal study of God’s Word helps us to know God and become more like Jesus.
  • Spirit of God – The Holy Spirit is God’s presence in our lives. We strive for lives of listening to and obeying the Spirit’s guidance.

It is on the basis of these three pillars that we seek to form genuine and uplifting relationships. Our Life Groups are committed to creating an environment where everyone is known and cared for as we pursue a right relationship with God and our place in His story.

Looking for Community?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I get in a Group?
  1. Form a group with people you are already connected with
  2. Volunteer as a leader, and we will help you find people for your group
  3. Sign up to be in a group CLICK HERE to fill out the sign-up form.
2. What about children and families?

Group with Children

Consider two meeting times throughout the week in order to incorporate children.

  • One regular group meeting time with just adults. This is your focused Group time to study, pray, and care for one another.
  • Split into smaller groups of 2-3 families to watch Sunday services together. This gives children and families and opportunity to invest in each other.

Northeast Kids Neighborhood

We’re kicking it old school and bringing summer fun back to YOUR neighborhood! The church has moved from a building into houses and neighborhoods across our community. And YOU can be a part of helping your family, neighbors and friends grow in their relationship with God and understanding their part in God’s story. Here’s how it works:

The group’s host (that’s YOU!) gets to decide on the when/how/who of the meetings. Day or evening, in your backyard or virtually, with your neighbors or life group or with other families from Northeast looking to connect. It’s up to you!

We will provide you with everything you need to have a great experience with your group! Our Big God Story videos that you’ve been watching every weekend can now be enjoyed with your group. We’ll also provide you with the Family Activities (including a bonus activity meant for groups), from the printed lesson to the supplies and materials. Basically we’ll give you a party in a box so you and a few other families can have a blast together!

To sign up as a host, CLICK HERE!

3. What are some creative ways of meeting safely?

Finding new safe ways to meet will require some creativity.

Here are some of the things that we have heard or tried.

    • Lawnchair Gathering- Everyone bring a lawnchair and the Group meets outside in a driveway, a park, etc.
    • Trunk Gathering- Everyone parks in an unused parking lot, with their trunks facing each other. Sit in your trunks and have a chat. This works better with smaller groups.
    • Picnic Gathering- Meet in a backyard or at the park. Everyone brings a picnic blanket and basket. Have a meal together, social distancing style.
    • Blended Gathering- If you are going to meet with both in person and virtual members, hook your computer up to a TV in order to see virtual participants better. 
4. What is expected from a Group Leader or Host?

Host Expectations

  • Maintain a personal devotional life
  • Agrees with the mission and vision of Northeast
  • Consistently attend Northeast weekly gatherings (Groups and Sunday Mornings)
  • Comfortable with learning and utilizing technology
  • Welcoming & Friendly
  • Excited to both deepen and form new relationships

Leader Expectations

  • Maintain a personal devotional life
  • Support and advance Northeast’s mission through prayer, resources, and service
  • Consistently attend Northeast weekly gatherings (Groups and Sunday Mornings)
  • Provide and coordinate both spiritual and practical care for group members
  • Proactively share leadership with others in your group
  • Model a life of healthy transparency and vulnerability


If you are interested in leading a Group, watch the following videos.

Once you have watched all the videos, contact Mike at ([email protected]) to set up meeting to finalize your training.