The Celebrate Recovery Annual Summit will, once again, take place at Saddlebach Church in CA (July 10 – 12th).  We estimate the cost of this to be similar to last year and run around $1,200 per person.  We recognize this is a sizable investment in your leadership development.  If you would like to make payments towards summit, we encourage something like $100 per month from January – December of 2024.  You may use this form to complete those.

Alternatively, you may have been pointed to this form because you’re willing to sponsor someone who is planning to attend. Please complete the form below, when you hit Submit, you will be asked to put in credit or debit card details.  Those details are not saved on this server.  We will then match up your donation with the individual you nominate.  If that person has already raised their full amount, we may place that amount into a general fund to support other leaders going to summit.

We will also use this form to pay for attendance to the 2024 North Central One Day in May 2024.

You can also mail a check to:

CR Summit 2024 / One Day
Northeast Christian Church
5651 E Riverside Blvd
Rockford, IL 61114

Please add CR Summit/Name of Attendee in the memo field.

Thank you for your generosity.