At Northeast, we are a community helping one another pursue a right relationship with God
and our place in His story.

How do we accomplish our mission?

We Gather

Create weekly gatherings to move people closer to Jesus.

We Help

Help people identify who they are and how they were meant to serve.

We Encourage

Encourage people to live in right relationship with everyone they know.

We Partner

Partner with local and global partners to serve our world and make Jesus known.

Core Values


We recognize scripture reveals God and how we should respond to Him. We are called to become more like Jesus with the Word of God as our standard and sustenance.



We recognize God created humankind in and for relationships, both with Himself and with each other. We believe that it’s through those relationships that we are able to thrive spiritually.



We recognize we are never done developing as disciples. We are a community that lovingly encourages one another to continually grow, learn, and change. 



We recognize that through the Holy Spirit every person is uniquely gifted for the Kingdom.  In the Body of Christ, every person has a place, a part, and a purpose. 



We recognize humankind has been intentionally placed in God’s redemptive story. We strive to bring hope to the world, by being and showing the tangible love of God.