We are very excited to offer in-person gatherings on Sunday mornings at 9:00am and 11:00am. Pre-registration is no longer required to attend in-person gatherings. 

When you arrive, you will see three different seating formats; tables, rows, and small sets. Choose whichever seating is right for you, and please don’t cast judgement on others doing the same.

For your safety, we are taking precautionary measures in accordance to the CDC guidelines concerning heath measures around COVID-19, including wearing a mask and social distancing.

RSVP for Northeast Kids Weekend Services

Each week, parent’s will have the opportunity to register for our Northeast Kids Weekend Services at 9:00am. 

Northeast Kids rooms are available for current Elementary Kids (K-5th grade). and for Preschool families, Northeast Kids+ is still available! 

For more information about Northeast Kid, check out the Family Ministry Page. 


We are continuing to offer our services online as well! You can tune in at 9:00am and 11:00am each Sunday to join us in worship! Join us on your platform of choice: Facebook or Youtube!


In the event that someone attends one of our gatherings with COVID-19, we offer contact tracing on an opt-in basis.

If you wish to be alerted when someone attends our one of our gatherings with COVID-19, please text “contact tracing” or the service time you most recently attended, to (815) 633-3536.

If you found out that you have COVID-19 and attended one of our Gatherings, please let us know by filling out the anonymous form below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about children and families?

All in-person worship services are Family Worship Services, meaning all ages are both welcomed and encouraged! During our 9:00am services, we also offer Northeast Kids+ which is everything your child knows and loves about Northeast Kids PLUS they get to bring their family with them!

In order to ensure that we have proper staffing and supplies needed to create both a fun and safe enviornment for you and your kids to learn in, we do require pre-registration for Northeast Kids+. 

What will the seating look like?

Each Sunday we will offer three seating formats; tables, rows, and small sets. Everyone is encouraged to choose the format that is right for them.

  • The tables are great for families, especially those with small children.
  • The rows are great for larger families, groups, or those already vaccinated.
  • The small sets are great for couples, and other pairs/trios.
My group is attending the same service, can we sit together?

Yes! With our new seating arrangement, your group can claim a row in the center section and participate in the service together! 

Do I really have to follow the guidelines (like wearing a mask)?

Yes. As a witness to our community and for the safety of others, we ask for everyone who wants to participate in the service to wear a mask, and practice other mitigation practices. 

Will the Cafe be open?

One of our safety measures includes not serving coffee or drinks in the Cafe.