We are very excited to offer in-person gatherings on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM.

Service…we offer contemporary worship and relevant biblical teaching in a casual environment…come as you are!

Parking…it’s best to come to the back of the building and park near entrance A. This is where our main auditorium is located. If you have children you may consider parking in the lower parking lot and come through entrace C – Family and Office Entrance.

Kids…4th or 5th graders being with us in worship and then go to their classes during the message.
Sixth graders and above remain with us in the worship service.

Seating…When you arrive at the Main Auditorium, you will see different seating formats tables, or rows.
Choose whichever seating is right for you.

Cafe…we have a cafe located inside entrace B where we have free coffee and you can purchase specialty drinks for a small fee.

Northeast Kids
Weekend Services

Northeast Kids offers in-person excperiences on Sunday mornings both the 9:00am and 11:00am services. Pre-registration is no longer required, but families need to check in so their child can receive a nametag.

Northeast Kids is available for Nursery, 3 year olds – Kindergarten, and Elementary (1st-5th grade).

For more information about Northeast Kid, check out the Family Ministry Page. 


We are continuing to offer our services online as well! You can tune in at 9:00am and 11:00am each Sunday to join us in worship! Join us on your platform of choice: Facebook or Youtube!


In the event that someone attends one of our gatherings with COVID-19, we offer contact tracing on an opt-in basis.

If you wish to be alerted when someone attends our one of our gatherings with COVID-19, please text “contact tracing” or the service time you most recently attended, to (815) 633-3536.

If you found out that you have COVID-19 and attended one of our Gatherings, please let us know by filling out the anonymous form below.