Upcoming Events

We always have something going on

Come to Life – A study through the book of Ezekiel

This summer we will be reading through the book of Ezekiel together. Each Sunday will cover a bit of the book, as well as a few other passages. Come ready to explore the Word, and leave ready to complete the weekly reading plan. What better way is there to stay in the Word each day this summer? For the reading plan, CLICK HERE.

It’s the Summer Reunion Tour!! Yes, that’s right. We are going to make sure to have some great get-togethers this summer. It’s been a while since we could really enjoy fellowship and one another’s company, and so we have some special things planned. Family Camp was quite the hit! Next up is the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social. In August, we have worship at Starlight Theatre. Mark your calendar!

Welcome to Summit 2022!  If you are planning to attend, Click the Button Below.
This is an exciting event for our leadership and we are excited to see how God is going to move in us this coming year!  The Summit will take place at Potter’s House in Dallas Texas on July 19th-23rd.

This summer is our chance to get together and have some fun as a church family! If you missed family camp, that’s ok, there’s still more in store!
The next event is our good old fashioned Ice Cream Social.
We have fun planned for all ages!  We will meet at Currans Apple Orchard from 5pm to 8pm on July 24th.  We will have ice cream and pie, and each person will also get one of their special donuts! 
If you would like to pack a picnic dinner for your family, feel free to do so!  Bring your own lawn chairs, as you are going to want to have a front row seat to the games and live music! 
The event is totally free, but to know how many to plan for could you be so kind as to REGISTER HERE? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Because we value students’ relationships with each other and with Jesus, we are planning an intentional trip away for students to grow in these relationships. You are invited to be a part of a truly life-changing adventure, with some of your besties (because if you aren’t besties now you will be by the end of the trip!) Students who serve will get a discount. Just ask your ministry leader. To register or get all the details, go HERE.

July is our 4 day House Boat Trip!! We also have home hang outs and more! Summer is a great time to make new friends and grow in your faith, so plan to join us!