Job Description

KidMin Pastor

Full Time

Reports to: Lead Pastor

The KidMin Pastor is responsible for building a quality ministry encouraging new parents and providing a safe, nurturing, loving and learning place for children who attend Northeast Kids programming.

Personal Expectations:

  • A healthy relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A leader who can not only envision but move people and programs to align with vision
  • Being self-aware and serving in keeping with their gifting
  • Someone with an ability to train and equip others to do ministry
  • Heart for discipling both children and adults
  • A team player ready to work with other staff members in building a “family” ministry.

General responsibilities include:

  • Develop an over-arching philosophy and methodology for the Children’s ministry area in keeping with the overall philosophy of Northeast
  • Develop ministry goals, programming, and strategies that encourage parents to be the primary spiritual influence for their children
  • Provide input, feedback, and support ministry for all ages of family ministry, such as student ministry or other specific areas we expand to serve.
  • Be a champion of children and family ministry with our staff and congregation

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Oversee the nursery, preschool, and elementary areas
    • This includes staffing and training for Sunday morning and certain all-church events
    • Maintain safety protocols and procedures within these areas
    • Maintain these spaces and facilities regarding creative elements, designs, and fixtures that aid the mission of this ministry area
  • Provide support for Celebration Place (Children’s programming incorporated in Celebrate Recovery)
    • Help them maintain our safety procedures and protocols
    • Input suggestions that would help them best serve their mission and increase their effectiveness
  • Develop and train leaders and staff for team based ministry
    • Develop teams in all areas of ministry
    • Provide consistent training opportunities for leaders
    • Empower volunteer leaders, allowing them to own ministry and share in leadership
    • Design the ministry with team development in mind
    • Assess gifting of volunteers and be willing to rethink the design of the ministry based on the strength of your team
  • Plan and execute strategic special events throughout the year
    • Activities should be designed with a specific goal or strategy in mind
  • Plan and execute weekly programming throughout the year.
    • Evaluate Curriculum
    • Develop leaders to facilitate the ministry including nursery workers, large group communicators, worship leaders, tech leaders, small group leaders, and administrative leaders
  • Encourage parents with programming or tools to:
    • Help them make wise parenting decisions
    • Increase communication between parent and child
    • Enhance their ability to spiritually parent their child
    • Keep them informed about what the ministry offers them
  • Database
    • Manage and update the organizations you supervise
    • Manage and update leader information
    • Manage the Sunday morning check-in process – both database and personnel
  • Prepare an annual budget for review and approval, then manage it well.

Other Ministry Expectations Outside of Children’s Ministry:

  • Participate in staff meetings and all church events
  • Champion children’s ministry at all levels of the organization, ensuring children and families are considered when planning all church events, but also ensuring the resources (gifts and service) represented in the children’s ministry staff are made available
  • After the first year, if gifting and passion align, participate as a member of Northeast’s Teaching Team
    • Attend Preaching Team meetings and planning retreats
    • Develop skills for communicating God’s Word effectively
    • Provide feedback and be ready to receive feedback
    • Speak when assigned or requested
  • Host in services on a consistent basis
  • Support Student Ministry when possible
    • Ensuing future generations of student leaders and parents know you and your heart for them
    • Ensuring ministry continuity for families

Opportunities You Can Expect:

  • Every staff person has a voice. We believe each voice brings a different perspective. So we allow everyone to input on decisions and direction, especially when it impacts or affects your ministry area.
  • We expect our team to continue to grow in expertise and the development of their gifts. So we invite, not demand, participation on our Preaching Team, Missions Team, Worship Team, or Serving Teams.
  • Our team is present to support you, mentor you, and serve you in the removal of obstacles, helping you secure the resources you need, and succeed in your ministry.
  • We encourage our team to maintain a healthy spiritual rhythm, balancing ministry and family.
    • We allow comp days during busy seasons of ministry or before and after retreats and camps
    • We offer a mandatory months-long sabbatical period every seven years of ministry.
    • We encourage spiritual retreat periods during working hours.
  • We encourage our team in their professional development.
    • We offer conferences and shared learning experiences together as a staff.
      We will support your professional development in the form of conferences or educational opportunities within your field. These can be presented and built into your ministry budget.

To apply, email your resume and covering letter to: [email protected]

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