The High School Ministry exists to teach students to love Jesus, and equip them to take ownership of their faith.


HSM Details

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced us to do things differently as a church and as a ministry. Our schedule until further notice will be centered around finding community and learning key spiritual disciplines while at home.



This summer we want to continue to connect our students to one another and we are excited to be able to do this in person or virtually!

Starting Sunday, June 14th-July 26th (with the exception of Father’s Day) our Middle School and High School Student will be gathering in person for groups on Sunday nights!

  • High School will be meeting in the yard of the Hume’s home (separating girls and boys to keep with the rule of 10)
    • 7:00pm-8:30pm
    • Check your email for the address


We can still Zoom call/Facetime in group members that decide to stay home – we have no preference either way! Let me know if this is how your student will be joining to I can ensure we have the correct technology)

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Northeast Student Ministry

Our Values

Value  #1: Biblically Based
We believe our lives should be rooted in the Word of God. Therefore, we are committed to sound Biblical study and to allow the Scriptures to guide our course in life and in ministry.
Value #2: Intentional Relationships
Strong community is vital to our mission. Since authentic (or real/intentional) relationships are at the core of community, we strive towards accountability, discipleship, and encouragement in our relationships – and to making everyone who walks through our doors feel welcome.
Value #3: Living with Integrity
We are purposeful in being the same people everywhere we go, whether that’s at school, at church, or at home. No matter where we are, we display the same character. As a result, we lead others – not through teaching, but through example. Students can look to each other and their leaders to learn what a genuine relationship with and pursuit of Jesus looks like.
Value #4: Balanced Priorities
We believe each student is uniquely wired and will approach the Word, the Church, and each other in different ways. We prioritize making our ministry applicable, engaging, and exciting for all students and learning styles.
Value #5: Outward Conscious
There is a world outside of our group that needs Jesus. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we proactively see people that Jesus wants us to reach out to. We accept the calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus, no matter what the avenue. Our heart is to serve the people of our church, city, and world in whatever way we are being asked to.
For more information or questions: email Mike at [email protected]