Monday– Proverbs 2:1-22

Tuesday– Psalm 119:97-104

Wednesday– 2 Peter 1:3-8

Thursday 1 Timothy 4:6-16

Friday– Philippians 4:8-9



Monday– Proverbs 2:1-11

Tuesday– Psalm 119:97-104 (Key Verse)

Wednesday– 2 Peter 1:3-8

Thursday 1 Timothy 4:12-16

Friday– Philippians 4:8-9


  • What was the first bible passage that you remember impacting you? What wisdom did it bring?
  • If you have a study process, what does it look like? Questions you ask? Resources you use?
  • Are there parts of Scripture that you study a lot, or that you avoid studying? Why?
  • How could a discipline of study benefit your relationship with the Lord? How would this benefit, shape your relationship with others?
  • How could hearing diverse perspectives and knowledge of your group/family, benefit your study? How could sharing your perspective and knowledge benefit the study of others?
  • What would change at Northeast, if we all had a clearer picture of God through consistent personal and corporate study?
  • How would the world benefit from the Church knowing God more fully and clearly every day?

Important Resources

Each week we have daily readings and an adjusted plan for our little readers. We also have discussion questions for your group or family to reflect on this weeks spiritual discipline.

Read along each day, and make time to discuss with others. 

Along with the readings each day, we will post a short devotional on our facebook page. There you can read our insights, but more importantly you can share your questions and insights with us!

Check back each day Monday through Friday

After you, your family, or your group have spent the week studying a discipline, we will hear from one of our teachers about how that discipline affects all of our relationships.

Check in Sundays at 9 and 11am