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What is a Group Leader?

A Leader is a person who owns the organization and shepherding of a Group.

In other words, Leaders create an enviornment for people to be known, cared for, and discipled.



In order to accomplish our mission and vision, we need leaders who are willing to help others pursue a right relationship with God, and find their place in His story.

Do you want to help a Group pursue Jesus?

Leader Qualifications & Expectations

What does a Leader look like?

– Leaders exhibit Christian character, including humility, teachability, and a desire to care for others

– Leaders pursue a consistent devotional life

– Leaders connect with the mission and vision of Northeast; through membership and regular engagement with weekly gatherings.

– Leaders are willing to share their spiritual journey with others

These are things that we will look for in new leaders, and will also continue to train on during the tenure of leaders. 


If you are interested in leading a Group, watch the following videos.

Once you have watched all the videos, contact Mike at ([email protected]) to set up meeting to finalize your training. 

Ready to Lead?

Lead a Group

Can Groups meet at Northeast?

Short answer, Yes.

One of our priorities is for Groups to meet in homes. There are many reasons for this, but the primary one is that it is just different in a home. Groups can get more comfortable in a home than in a large church building. It’s just a better enviornment for Groups to thrive. 

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic there are new factors. So, if your Group is debating not meeting at all, we would rather you keep meeting and meet at Northeast. 

To meet at Northeast, there are some guidelines that Groups will have to follow. 

  • Groups will be required to clean and sanitize rooms after meeting. Cleaning supplies and instructions will be provided.
  • Groups must maintain our Northeast Gathering Guidelines.
    • Practice social distancing
    • No handshaking or hugging.
    • Maintain at least 6-feet from those not in your household
    • Wear a face covering at all times in the building
    • Use hand sanitizer as needed
    • Cover your coughs and sneezes

If your Group would like to meet at Northeast, please complete this form