You’re not alone. We all experience seasons of challenge, difficulty, or sorrow. Whatever your circumstance, Northeast wants to help.

Northeast Funeral Guidelines

We are glad to serve you and your family in the loss of your loved one.

Those families who are members or regular attendees may use the building for a visitation and/or funeral service/funeral luncheon at Northeast. Every effort will be made to clear the calendar to accommodate them at this time of grief. However, if there is a major ministry event scheduled that cannot be canceled; we would encourage the family to choose a different day or to consider using the funeral home for the service.

Funerals will be held in the Ministry Center which can accomodate 225 guests, while meals take place in the Auditorium. 

It is prefered to have the visitation and funeral the same day, so as not to tie up the building multiple days.

The use of this facility by individuals not directly connected to Northeast would be decided case by case basis by the Care Ministry Team.

Scheduling – NCC Calendar 

Monday – Morning or Early Afternoon, must be done by 3pm

Tuesday – Early Afternoon after 12:30pm

Wednesday – Morning or Early Afternoon, must be done by 3pm

Thursday – Late Afternoon or evening

Friday – Open, but limited availability of pastoral staff

Saturday – Morning or Early Afternoon, must be done by 3pm

Sunday – Not Available

Northeast Christian Church – Funeral Fees

All of these fees are only a suggestion if the family is able to afford them, otherwise the church will pay these for the family. Please discuss with the pastor if you have a need.

Facilities: Free for Members, Non-members donation accepted (to cover heating and air costs, etc.) whatever amount you decide.

Food: Members and Non-members purchase and provide food and all required items (table clothes, table service, etc.) associated with the meal, they must also provide their own people to serve the food.

Catering Options: ABC Catering (815-316-3016), Mary’s Market, Wal-Mart, Schnucks, etc. (some deliver)

You are also free to have family/friends bring in prepared foods if you like.

People: Members and Non-members pay the same fees.

Please make one check payable to Northeast Christian Church and give to the minister = $675, plus facility fee donation for non-members

  • Minister – $300
  • Church Liaison/Coordinator – $150
  • Sound and Visual Technician – $125
  • Janitorial Service – $100

Musicians should be contracted and paid directly by the family.

Meal: If the family desires a luncheon, they will need to find and secure the caterer or provide their own food.  It is helpful if the family has a few friends or family members to organize this and set it up.  Plastic table coverings and table service will need to be provided by the family.

  • The Church has (15) 6’ Round tables which each seat 7 people for guests and (16) 8′ rectangular banquet tables which seat 8 people for additional guests, or can be used for the food.
  • Refrigerator space is available for beverage storage.  Canned Beverages and water bottles are recommended.  If the family would like coffee to be made, please provide the coffee in the form of whole beans.  The Liaison will make the coffee for the family.
  • The Church will provide coffee for the family during the visitation hours.


If you would like a slideshow of your loved one’s life to run before and after the service (not required) please provide the following:

    • Photos on a USB thumb drive as .JPG files, as we do not have a DVD drive in these rooms.
    • Please ask them to number in the order they would like them to progress, in the following number sequence…000, 001, 002, etc.
    • Please limit the number of photos to approximately 60.
    • We will need these photos the morning before the service by 9am to prepare the projection.

These policies approved by the elder board July 2022.



If you have any questions phone the church office 815-633-3536 and ask for Dawn.

You may also send an email to [email protected].