First Impressions Ministry Opportunities

Welcome Center

Before the worship experience ever begins many factors are at play that have the potential to touch a life with care. We want to intentionally make people feel cared about and welcome as soon as they step foot onto our campus. We have several teams in place to try and make our guests’ first experience a positive one, lasting, and memorable. Our Welcome Center team has people who are stationed at our two Welcome Center locations just inside our two main entrances. They are there to welcome, help, and encourage our guests who may not know the run-of-the-house so to speak.


Our Greeting team is also on the lookout for those with a deer-in-the-headlights expression that says, “I’m sort of new here and it sure would be nice to have someone connect with me!” Our greeters are outgoing, like to shake hands, and talk to people. Greeters help people to feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings.


The Bookstore

The bookstore is staffed between and after Sunday morning services. If you would like to help people connect to resouces that will aid them in their spiritual growth, please cosider joining this team.


The Cafe

Volunteers serving in The Café Ministry are responsible for all areas of operations related to the Café, including, but not limited to: preparation before services, waiting on customers and clean up following the services. People serving in this ministry are friendly, customer service oriented, smiling and are front-line contacts for information concerning Northeast. We work hard to try to provide a welcoming environment where those attending Northeast can enjoy coffee or purchase premium coffee drinks while enjoying great fellowship before and after attending weekend services.


Security Team

The security team is made up of individuals who have a desire to ensure the safety of our guests while here for our Sunday worship services. We are looking for faithful followers of Jesus who desire to protect and serve as needed in a monthly rotation.

To connect with these serving opportunities please email [email protected] or call the church office 815-633-3536.