Is Bapitsm your next step?

At Northeast, we believe bapitsm is a witness to the world that you’re ready to declare Jesus as your Lord and Savior!


Q – Who should be baptized?

A – Anyone who confesses Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Q – When should one be baptized?

A – When the Holy Spirit prompts. The pattern we see in the New Testament is immediately upon conversion to Jesus.

Q – What age should one be baptized?

A – When you understand that you’re ready to make Jesus your Lord and Savior.

Q – Why be baptized and not simply sprinkled?

A – In the New Testament, the word for baptism means to submerge under the water.

Q – I was baptized as an infant, do I need to do a believer’s baptism?

A – Yes, this is a step of making your faith your own.

Q – Can I schedule a private baptism?

A – Yes, we can arrange a private baptism for you or you can be baptized in our Sunday services.

Ready to be baptized?

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